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Rave Diggers
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   Make Em Rock (Our Way)
  Fourth Floor
   It's Just a Groove
  j.u - ice
  Fourth Floor
   Give Us A Break
  The Break Boys
  Fourth Floor
   Doin It After Dark
  Carlos Barrios
  After Dark
   Listen to the Rhythm Flow
  The Break Boys
  Fourth Floor
   At My House
  Frankie Bones
   And the Break Goes On
  The Break Boys
   Get Down (Free your body)
  The Crew
   Break Freak Inc
  Just A Break Freak
   We're Out of Control
  Oh No It's Them
  Fourth Floor
   Git Da Partee Goin
  Royal Orchestra
  Fourth Floor
   It's Nice to Have Money
  Glamco Productions
  Eight Ball
   Makin' A Livin
  Kenny Dope
   Move Your Feet
  M D Emm
  Strictly Underground
   Don't Go
  Awesome 3
  City Beat
   Volume 1
  DJ's Unite
   Baptized By Dub
  Criminal Minds
  White House
   Me Israelites
  Chops EMC & Extensive
  Faze 2
  Rufige Kru
   Yamming Snacks Like Shaggy
  tom & jerry
  Tom & Jerry
   Smooth But Hazardous
  Smooth But Hazardous
   We Are Hardcore
  The House Crew
  Production House
   Alright Wid Me
  DJ Mayhem
  The House Crew
  Production House
   Exodus (The Lion Awakes)
  The Brothers Grimm
  Production House
   These Are The Sounds Of House
  The Hedgehog Affair
   The Joker
  White Label
   Pure Hysteria
  Menace Makes 3
  Danse City
   Lets Go (Cold mix)
  nasty habits
  DJ Solo
  Production House
   I'll Take You
  Liquid Crystal
  Ruff On Wax
   Night Stalker EP A2
  White Label
  Lucky Spin
   Feel So Good
   Be Free
  Noise Factory
  3rd Party
   MT1 t29r2
  Apex Twin
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