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Rave Diggers
drumandbass // jungle // rave // breakbeat // oldskool

Joining forces to bring you the finest late 80s and early 90's hardcore, breakbeat and drum and bass are Sally (Build + Destroy), Crawford Tait (Cinema Recorded Music Library, Hi-Karate), Stevie Elements and Alcane (both 48k). Every episode will be packed full of classic tunes and lesser known gems from the era of whistles and glow sticks. 4 DJs, 2 hours, all rave.

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Rave On 45
14/10/2019 // 7 Inches of Rave

Ahead of our History of Rave fundraising event as part of Electronic Glasgow at The Space on Saturday 19th October, Crawford is stepping up for an all-7" set! Can it be done? And will it be any good??

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