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Laura's solo Rara
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   Naughty Lola
  Marlene Dietrich
  Naxos Nostalgia
   The Glasgow I used to Know
  G-Man Original
Laura's nervous chatter, her first show on her lonesome! There involved some missing of Tara, some anticipation of old age: possibly smelling of pee whilst being prejudiced against some thnic and social groups, and also a sort of apology for a certain Romanian Beggar Woman.
   The Curse of Millhaven
  Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  Amon Tobin
  Ninja Tune
A bit of a nod to depressing tracks, murderous narratives and Polly Jean Harvey. Also a bit of a rant about enforced fun in Christmas festivities. Why? WHY!??
   Meet Zee Monsta
  PJ Harvey
   I Know it
Laura's mini dilema of whether she loves Madonna or PJ more: is it a tie? Does Madonna win? Who. Knows. A false link into Malcolm Middleton's Burst Noel and office party funtimes, what craft markets and independent shops to check out in the run up to christmas, something about The Singing Kettle ruining my adult life and some REAL LIFE TEXTUAL CONTACT!
   Cleaning Each Other
  Holy Roar
   God's Gonna get you for that
  G-Man Original
Merry Christmas from Rara!
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