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   Sweet Jesus
   James Yorkston
   A Daft Medley
   Bootprints (Hot Chip Mix)
  King Creosote
Hello, it's been a while, eh? Laura here, not sure how to work a mixing desk cause we've been away for about five weeks doing dissertations and that kind of crap. Today look out for: spoken word from Craig Bayne, dodgy raps and feminism.
  Craig Bayne
  Spoken Word
   Show me the way to go home
   American Life
I self-consciously attempt to recreate Madonna's American Life dodgy rap whilst being overseen by a Subcity Techno Savvy Engineer. Have you ever tried to digy rap under the watchful gaze of a station technician? It's a bit odd. I talk for a bit about KnockBack magazine, a 'feminist' anti-magazine from London which creates a witty alternative to shite like Cosmopolitan and Grazia and such gumph. www.knockback.co.uk
   In Balance
  Craig Bayne
  Spoken Word
Eventually played 'In Balance' after a miniature technical hitch. For more spoken work see Discombobulate - a night at the CCA which tends to now be the second Tuesday of every month.
  The Pictish Trail
Join us next week for more dodgy raps, some banter about Homegame festival and possibly more spoken word - if anybody else wants to speak some words for us. Tally hooooooooooo!
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