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The Scottish Episode
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   Stop Yer Tickling Jock
  Harry Lauder
  His Master's Voice
  Remember Remember
  Rock Action
A little nod to Remember Remember and the album launch in Brel over the weekend, then a complete breakdown at the lack of background music: WE LOVE YOU GERMAN TECHNO!!!
   Maryhill Vibe
  Uncle John and Whitelock
   Boy Scout
  Winning Sperm Party
PHEW, after sticking Remember Remember on as a background feed we were able to relax and chat about Uncle John & Whitelock, RIP, the GI festival, Tara's love for playdoh and her grandfather who is the VOICE of Padraig Post! A-MAZING.
   Winter Home Disco
  The Pictish Trail
   To the Winter Park
  The Statlets // Isobel Campbell
   Walk Out to Winter
  Aztec Camera
More about Tara's grandfather and more about nazi's than we'd care to admit to. Hitler wasn't cool, guys. Not cool.
   Set Me Free
  Frightened Rabbit
  Fat Cat
  Darius Danesh
[Laura accidentally stopped the song a mere thirty seconds into it by opening the wrong cd player - SORRY TARAAAA!!!]
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