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The Gun Show
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   Wired for Sound
  Cliff Richard
  Uncle John and Whitelock
"AM/FM I am so ecstatic now! It's music I've found and I'm Wired for Souuund" We let Sir Cliff do the talking for our entry onto the FM airwaves: it's just Laura for a bit in the studio attempting to explain the new crossword format whilst being distracted by studio goblins.
   Hey Joe
   die matrosen
  Rough Trade
14 down: weapon store: what do we keep in an Armoury? Well...weapons...that was part of the clue, but GUNS: Hey, Joe, where you going with that gun? A bit of a shout out to our friend Joseph, formerly of the Bottle Rocket show (Thursdays 2pm) who I worked with at Kaput, which is also the answer to 24 Across: a substance used for misty stage effects (3,3) DRY ICE anyone? Gosh, who knew learning could be so fun?
   Long Snake Moan
  PJ Harvey
  Frightened Rabbit
  Fat Cat
A discussion ensues about how easy it definitely is to choose a song about a 'snake' that is not actually about a penis, cause we totally managed not to make any penis innuendos at all in those songs. Moving on, TARA arrives and chat turns to Jade Goody and the best songs for weddings and funerals, or both if you want to do it efficiently like Ms Goody/Mrs Tweedy.
   Livin' Thing
A bittersweet nod to ELO bassist Kelly Groucutt who died over the weekend: it's a terrible thing to lo-o-se! Rara are away to continue a book based dissertation led onslaught which will shove more facts and figures in your face next week.
   You're Gonna make me Lonesome when you're gone
  Bob Dylan
   Dance me to the end of love
  Leonard Cohen
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