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Best of the Queer History of Dance Music
the queer history of dance music
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   Be Thankful for What You Got
  William DeVaughn
   Jungle Fever
  The Chakachas
   Rock Your Baby
  George McCrae
   Girl You Need A Change of Mind
  Eddie Kendricks
   I'm Coming Out
  Diana Ross
   Love to Love You Baby
  Donna Summer
   Pull Up to the Bumper
  Grace Jones
   Love Sensation
  Loleatta Holloway
   #5 Go Bang! (Francois K Mix)
  Dinosaur L
  Sleeping Bag
  Taana Gardner
   Groove Me
  Fern Kinney
  Scent Air
   You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
   Shoot Your Shot
  High Fashion
   You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
  Dead or Alive
   Tainted Love
  Soft Cell
   I Need A Man
  Grace Jones
   On & On - Original Mega
  Jesse Saunders
   Baby Wants to Ride (feat. Jamie Principle)
  Frankie Knuckles
   Your Love (feat. Jamie Principle)
  Frankie Knuckles
   Can You Feel It - Vocal
  Mr Fingers
   Promised Land
  Joe Smooth
   Stand on the Word - Larry Levan Mix
  Joubert Singers
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