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electronica // classical // progressive // tekkno // emotion

Presto is... Evoking emotions by contrasting sounds and ideas. Reaching stability through volatile changes between positive and negative. A sonic fight between Acoustic and digital. Orchestras working together with modular circuits. Vocalists being morphed into extravagant synthesised noise.

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Guest Mix by Debbie Chia
01/02/2016 // Corde - Guest Mix by Debbie Chia

Debbie Chia is a Singaporean DJ, copywriter and label owner who has been a great DJ teacher of mine showing me interesting aspects of the craft.

Debbie is running the record label Midnight Shift (soundcloud.com/midnight-shift) with her husban Kavan, hosting amazing events around the world and giving home to some proper great music.

Kavan and Debbie have been shaping and contributing towards my musical knowledge and skills for a long time and I hope will continue to do so. Getting Debbie to do an ambient mix was a great honour, and I couldn't be happier to have her on the show.

Be sure to check them out!

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