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Practice Good Practice
experimental // homemade // soundcollage // goodtimes

A monthly collage of studio experiments, field recordings, live performances, exclusive edits and obscure transmissions gathered from a wide cast of artists working with sound from Glasgow and beyond. Compiled and arranged by Trudat Sound & Light https://practicegoodpractice.tumblr.com/ flooredmusic.com trudatsoundandlight.net

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   14:00 - 15:00
   Thu, 09/04/2020
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Just Some Vibes
12/03/2020 // Just Some Vibes

Bit of a break from the norm this month. no new music from me just some things new and old I've been enjoying listening to and playing recently. things that make me happy, things that calm me down, things that are generally just a GOOD VIBE. coz we all need that right now.

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