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Poporopo Especialista
hiphop // rocanrol // reggaeton // tropicalia // musicalatina

Spanglish. Food. Shaking of Culos. A showcase of any music in Spanish. Real live Spaniards/ South Americans. Bienvenidos to Grammy Latino winning Poporopo Especialista. Into the mezcla there is Spanish news: a weekly round up, covering Spain and Latin America. Dispatches from Colombia. The return of Quieeeeen Es? A 'guess who' (minus Bernard), from the Spanish speaking world. Guests enthusing about or beggaring belief at Spanish & Latin American things. Competitions giving away free stuff blagged from Spanish themed joints in Glasgow. Essential Spanish words and a translation service for listeners. Duro, puro, chulo!

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The stalker textero
02/12/2009 // Invasion del stalker in the studio

Joined in the studio by her number one fan Poporopo Especialista realises that the theatre of the mind is always better than the real thing.. With 2nd Europop exclusive!

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