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Josh And Phil Takeover
Pop Goes The Revolution
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  Dirty Summer
  Winning Sperm Party
   Palm Of My Hand
  Apollo Ghosts
   Clamor On
  Alex Kerns
  Teen Shieks
  Suplex Cassettes
   Cock Thoughts
  At War With False Noise
   Im Gone
  Streets of Rage
   Believe In The Levites
  Hype Williams
  Ceylan Projects
   Say It With Your Love (w/ Julia Holter)
  Jason Grier
  Human Ear
  Sic Alps
  The Steal
   Cosmic Charlie
  Grateful Dead
   Ship of Love
  Dum Dum Girls
  Sub Pop
   Moon Shine Rain
  Softboiled Eggies
  Human Ear
   Too Epic Few Words
  10-4 Elanor
  Death To False Hope
   Meet Me In The City
  The Babies
   Descriptions Of The Harbour
  Sic Alps
  Animal Disguise
   Foolish Little Girl
  The Shirelles
   Fell In Love In A Graveyard
  Veronica Falls
   Hoboken Toffee
  Andrew W.K.
  Viva Radio
   Politicians In My Eyes
  White Label
   En Vil Hest
   Bass Rok
  Winning Sperm Party
   See Skies
   Stanely Brinks
  Stanely Brinks
   Do The Eggbeater
  The Evaporators
   O Death
  The Lovely Eggs
  Filthy Little Angels
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