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Pop Goes The Revolution
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   Track 5
  Napoleon In Rags
   Old Bucket Seats
   Hold The Fort
  Running on the Rooftops
  Rachel Sermanni
  Verse Metrics
Song Battle - D ... Gareth's first ever PGTR song battle, is he ready for the infamous challenge?
  Hell Monkey
  The Delays
  Rough Trade
   Red Lights
   When Day Chokes The Night
  Do Make Say Think
   Hands and Knees (Port Royal Remix)
  Dag för Dag
  Haldern Pop
End of song battle...
.... Two Fond Little Trips Down Memory Lane :)
   Back Door Man
  The Doors
   Love Spreads
  The Stone Roses
   Sleepyhead (Passion Pit cover)
  French Wives
   Game of Ghosts (Acoustic)
  The Winter Tradition
Gareth's Saving Grace...
   Pigmy Pig
... And Caroline's...
   In The Water
  Beat Connection
   Doin' It Wrong (Nevada Base Remix)
  Vendor Defendor
   Midnight Oil
  The Nineo'wells
   Fever's Worse (1066 Remix)
  Young Fathers
  Black Sugar
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