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"Like Good Music Vomit, It Just Has To Come Out"
Pop Goes The Revolution
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   Me vs Me
  The French Wives
  Instinctive Raccoon
  The New Wine
   Tropical (Jamie T Mix)
  Rum Shebeen
  Gut Rot
   Fistful Of Fivers
  Wooden Box With a Fistful of Fivers
  Electric Honey
   Four Bulbs
  Admiral Fallow
Nikki's Nostalgia - nostalgic in itself given how long it's been since we had one.
   I Love Playing With Fire
  The Runaways
   Home Versus Home
  The Xcerts
   Rabbit In The Headlights
  Young Aviators
   Funny For A Girl
  Cancel The Astronauts
Read All About It: Nikki's News
Song Battle
   Va Va Va
  Fibdo Gask
   Little Lies
  Fleetwood Mac
   Decent Days And Nights
  The Futureheads
   She Doesn't Get It
  The Format
  The Vabity Label
   Skeleton Boy
  Friendly Fires
Enough of alphabetical restrictions
  Max Raptor
   North Sea
  Olympians // Hair Traffic Control
when I say the above track is by Olympians and Hair Traffic Control, what I mean to say is that Hair Traffic Control have recently become Olympians, and as a final fairwell to their previous psedonym they have given away songs for free. Go check it out. http://hairtrafficcontrol.bandcamp.com/
A Saving Grace
  The Pretty Reckless
   Fly Straight And Always Wear Sensible Shoes
   To A Fox
  Rachel Sermanni
  Kat Flint
   The Glebe
  Washington Irving
  Instinctive Raccoon
   Old Balloons
  Admiral Fallow
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