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Pop Goes The Revolution
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Like a military coup on culture Pop Goes The Revolution returns for a second series of delivering you the finest new music you will never have heard before, as well as all the latest news and events from the world of film, fashion, art, and everything else that makes up pop culture. Pop Goes The Revolution is the place to hear new music, from independent releases, to unsigned bands getting their first airplay as each week we rummage MySpaces and press releases, to find you the best tunes from completely unknown bands to deliver to your ears. Combined with a mixture of humour, snobbery, sarcasm, and cynicism, the show brings you the insight you need into the Pop Culture world we inhabit. With X Factor's Hallelujah, Crocs, and the Crazy Frog fiasco all too fresh in people's minds, it is clear that pop culture is in crisis. Shining a torch in the darkness, and giving you the lesser known treats in life, is Pop Goes The Revolution. So join us every Friday as we dissect pop culture and bring you the real highlights.

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The Reunion
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Unnamed Episode
The Reunion
20/07/2014 // The Reunion

After three years of silence we return for a one off special.

It's been a long hiatus, but after three years of departure we returned to the Subcity tudio one final time, our bags bursting with records. To join us for our reunion show we also had an interview with Natalie Holmes and, live in the studio, performances from Decky McKay of Young Aviators.

Tune in to find out the best releases from some of our favourite bands over the past three years.

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