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#24: February 2013 w/ Fake Major session
The Pop Cop
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   Galloping Home
  London String Chorale
   Late March, Death March
  Frightened Rabbit
   The Wrench
  Kid Canaveral
   U Should Know Better
   Kingdom Of Wires
  Kevin Harper
   Little Researcher (Subcity live session)
  Fake Major
  Comets & Cartwheels
   What Is Love (Haddaway cover)
   Love In The Mundane (Subcity live session)
  Fake Major
  Comets & Cartwheels
   My Sun
  Kith & Kin
   Fiction (Subcity live session)
  Fake Major
  Comets & Cartwheels
   Sound Of Fear Evaporating
  Adam Stafford
  Song By Toad
   Cape (demo)
   Go Your Own Way
  Fleetwood Mac
  Warner Bros.
   All The Time
  The Strokes
   Mae Calling
  Common Shiner
   Damp Patch
  White Box
   Night Bus
  Lucy Rose
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