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The Pop Cop
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I run a music blog called The Pop Cop which takes a colourful look at the Scottish music scene with daily updated news, features, reviews and interviews. Give me 90 minutes and I'll give you exclusive live sessions, your new favourite song(s) and my sidekick Big D's priceless banter.

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There Will Be Fireworks in session
12/05/2013 // #27: May 2013 w/ There Will Be Fireworks session

It's the last Pop Cop radio show of term 2012/13 and we couldn't think of a more explosive wrap party than a session from the mighty There Will Be Fireworks.

In August 2011, I had the privilege of being invited into the band's studio lair to hear them working on their second album. Perhaps optimistically, I wrote that they were putting the "finishing touches" to it, but now - almost two years later - they have finally completed the recording of it and the new material being played for this radio show will offer a taste of what to expect when the album is released in the next few months. Exciting times.

TWBF frontman Nicky McManus is joined in the Subcity studio by guitarist and sometime-vocalist Gibran Farrah, who was one of 40 musicians to contribute to The Pop Cop blog's Scottish independence feature. Listen out for some chat about that.

Check out There Will Be Fireworks via Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.

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