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Plastic Music

Exhibissson ** A journey through visual art translated into music. A series of subjective sound pathways based on audio description, presents in museums allowing us to navigate between different topics: from synesthesia, to night paintings or the politics of white walls.

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   19:00 - 20:00
   Mon, 10/05/2021
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Jean Tourlonias
26/04/2021 // Jean Tourlonias

Jean Tourlonias (1937–2000)

._-_-__ /,,-.-|-.-,,`-.

His canvas (always 65 x 100cm) are dedicated to famous celebrities such as Brigitte Bardot, politicians of the moment, or to the buyers. Born into a peasant family in France, he began to paint in his spare time taking inspiration from his passion for motor sports after he was mobilised for nine months during the Algerian war. Naturally he began to paint high-power machines that sprang out of his imagination. Working on the fringe of the art world, thinking of himself as a workman, he painted on demand at a set hourly rate.

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