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Philanthrobeats (PB) is a Glasgow-based grass roots charity who provide a platform for cross-demographic participation in the arts for social change. We began as a group of students by originally throwing fundraiser parties for global and local causes and have since promoted a number of music and arts fundraisers for various charities. We are now a registered charity and we organise our own projects, which you can check out on our website. Our show features a mix of music and chat representing the blend of creativity and current affairs that inspire our events and projects. Co-hosted by Juliet and Morgan, one of PB's resident DJs, the show will play host to a variety of chat and music guests to give insight into the vast pool of creative and philanthropic talent that our city has to offer. SCIO number: SC044395 PB Website: http://www.philanthrobeats.org.uk

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MLW Farewell set
28/03/2017 // Unnamed Episode


This is his last set on subcity as he embarks upon the next chapter down south in the big smoke.

Playing a punny pre-planned set, touching upon soul, funk, hip-hop and grime, he then delves into hip-hop and psychedelic rock, disco and eventually techno. Marking the journey from all he's learned to love whilst in Glasgow and bridging the gap to the sound of grime erupting from London, this makes for an ecliptic set, representing the DJs stage of life.

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