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Show 19: I'm Not Made Of Money
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Siren Intro
  Vertical Slit
   Let's Kill Each Other
  Surplus Stock
   No Direct Line From My Brain To My Heart
   Silent Night
  Bishop Perry Tillis
  Jerry's Kids
  White Label
   Kill A Commie
  Gang Green
  White Label
   Idiots At Happy Hour
  The Freeze
  White Label
   No Hey (Live in Austin, Texas)
  Harry Pussy
  Sister Skull
   Take Possess
  Tela Conversion
   I Hate Sound
  The Door and The Window
  Vertical Slum
   Rubber Balunes
  Wet Taxis
  Terse Tapes
   Rectum Grinder
  Intestinal Disgorge
  Lofty Storm
   Untitled 6
  The Work
   Answer Me!
  The Screamin' Mee Mees
   People With No Shoulders
  Karl Blake
   The First Thing
  Sam Esh // Hard Black Thing
   Guitar Blues
  Sylvester Weaver
  Sub Rosa
   Born Again To Die (Side B)
  Sick Llama
   Gentle Lady
  unknown artist
   Corsican Ride
  Raith Rovers
  Every Secret Thing
   I.C.'s Weg
  Poison Dwarfs
  White Label
   You Can't Kill Kill
  Destroy All Monsters
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
   Head High Tackle
  Doubtful Sounds
   Phaser Like A Block Of Salt
  Ashtray Navigations
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