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S03 E08: The Best of 2012 (Part 2)
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Tampa Sewer
  Miami Angels In America
  Night People
   Torch of Freedom
  Keith Hudson
  Hot Milk
   Madness In Motion
  Years On Earth
  Vinyl On Demand
   Give It Away
  Phil Blankenship
   I Finally Found The Love I Need
  Jerry "J.G." Green
  Chocolate Industries
   The Way We Were
  Harry Pussy
   Obscurity Blues
  The Great Unwashed
  Flying Nun
   Warm Blatz 1
  Teen Anal Terrorist
  Savage Quality
   Extreme Little Big Man Syndrome
  The Kill
  Blastasfuck Grindcore
  Andrew Chalk
  Faraway Press
   In Solo (Side B)
  Arthur Doyle
   Rest In A Well
  Sky Needle
  Negative Guest List
   Frozen Whistle
  Peter Brotzmann // Masahiko Satoh // Takeo Moriyama
  Not Two
   In My Mind
  Crystal Syphon
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