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Show 21: Slow Dance To Fushitsusha
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Primitive Man
  Lion Productions
   Kuppamma Pettha
  S. Janaki
  Finders Keepers
   I Fall To Pieces
  The Hasbeens
  Frustrated Funk
   Erik Dorf's Diary
  Third Door From The Left
   Take Me Home With You
  Jessie Mae Hemphill
  Moi J’Connais
   Do The Mussolini (Headkick!)
  Cabaret Voltaire
  Rough Trade
   Sideways Gas Washers
  Henry and Hazel Slaughter
  American Tapes
   Rasta Determination
  Blood and fire
   I Can't Believe
  Flying Wedge
  Brown Whole
   The Real Evelyn McHale?
  Rudolph Grey
  Foreign Frequency
   Invited In, Practically Drawn In...
  Keiji Haino // Oren Ambarchi // Jim O'Rourke
  Black Truffle
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