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Show 17: Cocking A Snook
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Holland Tunnel Drive
   Standing In Fields
  Table Of The Elements
   Blest Witches Flexing (III)
  DJ Yo Yo Dieting
  Permanent Marks
   Nice One
  Jackie-O Motherfucker
   Door Peep (Shall Not Enter)
  Burning Spear
  Studio One
   Going South
  Indian Jewellery
  Lovepump United
   Hotel Malabar Roof Garden...Reveal Attack
  Haruomi Hosono // Tadanori Yoko
   Note Of A Stroll In Spring
   Mbenzele - Divoto
  Aka Pygmies
   Watching TV
  The Flying Fuckin' A-Heads
  De Stijl
   Xylem Teardrops
  Perc Trax
  Lathe Cut
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