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Summer Special - The Awkward Sons in Berlin
The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
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   Dark Side Of Your Face
  Gabriel Ratchetts
  Electric Pentacle
   The Crook Of Your Heart (live)
  Pseudo Code
  Vinyl On Demand
   Child Among The Weeds
  Lal Waterson // Bob Davenport
   Your Dragon
  Nut Music
  Pre Fix
  Light Sounds Dark
   The Raw And The Cooked
  Bill Orcutt // Chris Corsano
  Cloud Rat
  IFB Records
  Water Torture
  Knochen Tapes
   U.F.O. Dictator
  Compact Cassette
   Her Needs (1999)
  Sandra Plays Electronics
  Minimal Wave
   Traces Of A Wet Crowd
  Three-Legged Race
  Spectrum Spools
   Glass Break
  Arian Sample
  Hogs On Ice
   Anarchy On Your Face
  Counter Intuits
  Pyramid Scheme
   Entranced By The Wolfshook
  Iron Bonehead
   Down To The Sea
  Linda Watkins
  Out Loud
   Untitled 4
  Loren Connors // Bill Orcutt
   Control And
  Holly Hendron
  RVNG Intl.
   Biceps (Do You Wanna Feel ‘Em)
  Gruff Wit
   The Creature From Outer Space
  Sonny Day // The Tony Ray Trio
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