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The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart
postpunk // experimental // dub // minimal // psych

Kicking your quivering record collection firmly in the throat, The Awkward Sons of Patrick Stewart present the underground beneath the underground. Forgotten post punk 7"s, off-the-radar private press psych bombs, heart-bursting spiritual music from your favourite mountain-top hermits, formally fucked dub disasters, budget nuclear horror from the '80s tape underground, panzer division free jazz and the lonliest back-porch blues you've never come across - we've got the fucking lot. So, if the thought of mercilessly drugged industrial dread sharing sheets with your favourite Moroccan protest record gets you greased, then you've finally found your fix. Suit up, dickhead.

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Summer Special - The Awkward Sons in Berlin
27/06/2013 // Summer Special - The Awkward Sons in Berlin

A few Awkward months in Berlin has resulted in some seriously swollen record crates, so it's only fair that we share the fruits of our inevitable financial deterioration.

This one was recorded in my living room in Berlin using some pretty ropey gear, so you'll have to excuse the lo-fi feel.

Just call it intimacy.

Expect the following...

Old '70s folk songs that would eventually end up as Shackleton samples.

Mind-blowing emotional wipe-outs from long-lost occult garage/psych loners.

A double-dip into Bill Orcutt's most recent collaborative rinse outs (one involving Chris Corsano, one with Loren Connors).

An archival banger from Regis' minimal wave alter ego, Sandra Plays Electronics.

Brutally under-appreciated '90s post punk from the greatest band Glasgow ever produced.

Mika Vainio pumping out some subtly brain-bending minimalist bleep techno.

The metal record of the fucking year.

Stunning post-Beefheart/Royal Trux riff-abuse from Ron House of Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments and Jared Phillips of Times New Viking.

A heart-bursting account of seeing the ocean for the first time, taken from De Stijl's recent digital reissues of the still peerless Poetry Out Loud series.

And Sonny Day bringing the '50s to the future with some totally unprecedented sax/synth action.

Crank the utter fuck out of it.

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