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2. No Hot Takes Here
Passion Play
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   Glen 2 Bali
  Regular Fantasy
  Total Stasis
   NATIVE 91
  White Label
   Take It Off
  MC Lyte
   Be Good
  Mr Vegas
  White Label
   PRAYER 91
  White Label
   Regard (Ron Trent Remix)
  Missing Soul // Ron Trent
  Future Vision
   Time After Time (Control Mix)
  Libby Jones
   Can You Feel It
   Blow Your House Down (Ben Sim's Soko Mix)
  A Guy Called Gerald
   Unathi (Haute Couture Euphoria Mix)
  DJ Python
  White Label
   Contras III
  Odd Even
   C In Sympathy
  Eleventeen Eston
  Growing Bin Records
   Pacman (Choci's Hi-Score Mix)
  Aphex Twin
  White Label
   Beats Included V. 1.2
  Electronic Consumer
   Forest Guru
   Theme From Daisy Glow
  Daisy Glow
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