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Passion Play
experimental // beats // international // rhythms // grooves

Listen to a range of sounds with Junglehussi occasionally joined by visiting guests ahead events that aim to evoke a multitude of feelings. Inspired by cinematic soundscapes variant on themes, locations and moods we seek rhythms and melodies to make us move and groove.

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   16:00 - 17:00
   Tue, 22/10/2019
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Passion Play : Ep 3: Kiss Me Again
11/10/2019 // 3. Passion Play x Kiss Me Again

Twice as nice and double the trouble!

Ahead of KISS ME AGAIN's Glasgow debut at ROST Friday night, we will be going 2hrs in the Subcity studio playing hot steppers and having a good ol' chat about what's in store.

Sharing the night with KMA will be regular Glasgow players, our true favourite (who needs no introduction!) Letitia Pleiades and Junglehussi

"Kiss Me Again is perhaps the most joyous night in Manchester. For a resident-centred party to so regularly sell-out, you know that Kiss Me Again has earned a very special place in the heart of the city. From disco to UK bass, the music policy is just amazing dancefloor music. And the calibre of friends that they've brought in - from Midland, to Call Super & Ben UFO, as well as championing rising local heroes such as Afrodeutsche and Anz - it's abundantly clear that they're onto something wonderful."

Tune in, or better yet come to the club



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