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Subcity x Sleazys // Saturday 17th April
01/05/2015 // Subcity x Sleazys

Having just recovered from our 20th Birthday Party, Subcity Radio is back at Sleazy’s to keep the candles burning. This time, we’ll be transforming the sweaty basement into an underwater lair, dripping with glitchy tunes from Subcity’s most ~wavy~ selectors.

Tokyo Chill

Renowned for dealing out aquatic ambience and chilled vibes on Subcity’s airwaves, Tokyo Chill has built a name for himself showcasing the best tunes Japan has to offer, from Hokkaido to Honshu. Jump on board as he navigates the archipelago of Japanese music.

Pearl Necklace

Glitch-pop maestro Pearl Necklace cut his teeth on the sweetest selections. Like sugar after midnight, his sound is pure illicit energy. Recently returned to the station, Pearl Necklace touches on all freak beats, R&B and rap. Come hunting for pearls.

Heavy Daze

Converting the URL to the IRL, HE∆VY D∆ZE has honed her trade in Glasgow’s basements and on the World Wide Web. Delving into the deepest, darkest depths of the internet, she delivers the best in sideways-thinking electronic beats. HE∆VY D∆ZE is sure to submerge Sleazy’s in a whirlpool of wonk.

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