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   The Long Way Home
   Pocket Piano (Joakim mix)
  D J Medhi
   Cut Dick
  Mr Oizo
  Ed Banger
   Roll With Winners
  Herve // A-Trak // Cadence Weapon
  Cheap Thrills
  Ghostly International
   Das Fauer (Pilooski edit)
  Hoger Hiller
  Dark and Lovely
   Linus & Lucy
  Vince Guaraldi
   Enchanted Lady
  Milton Jackson // Ray Brown
   From This Day On
  Eddie Bo
  Seven B
  Mahar Shalal Hash Baz
   The Minataur's Song
  The Incredible String Band
   Witchita Lineman
  Glen Campbell
well this was supposed to be a best of but we have two more weeks of shows ahead to filll up so just the usual mix of new and old... Nordic space disco,Joakim's remixes colated,new Mr Oizo record,'hooligan house' man of the year Herve,oldish but now more relevant afro house,new dirty edits krautrock rumbler,crimbo music,nice vibes from Milton,raw soul from for me 'the funk! Mr Eddie Bo,Japanese free folk,psyche folk and my fav radio 2 song...thanks
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