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   Starless And Bible Black
  Stan Tracy Quartet
   Myself When Young
  Dorothy Ashby
  Dusty Groove
   Killometer (Aeroplane Italo '84 remix)
  Sebastian Tellier
  Record Makers
   Taliban Discoteque
  Rubber Room
  Disco Devil
   Kad Ley Way
  Tafo // Nahid Akhafar
  Finders Keepers
   Sky Is Folding
  A Mountain of One
  10 Worlds
   Ca La Breaaza
  Toni Iordache
  Asphalt Tango
   Aayega Aanewaala
  Lata Mangeeshkar
  Dust To Digital
   Your Friends and Mine
  The French Wives
   Fot I Hose
  White Label
   Swan Lake
  The Cats
   Pulo Pulo
  Jorge Benn
  Seven Up
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