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   dama dam mast qalandar
  M. Ashraf // Ahmed Rushdi
  Finders Keepers
   good news for you
  M. Ashraf // Nahid Akhtar
  Finders Keepers
  Burial // Four Tet
  Mulatu Astatke // The Heliocentrics
  Finders Keepers
  Abner Jay
  Ben Butler and Mousepad
   killometer (Aeroplane italo '84 mix)
  Sebastian Tellier
  Record Makers
  Jeremy Jay
   fot i hose
  Moshi Moshi
   bon bon
  Leo Zero
   i'll keep on loving you
  Walter Jones
managed to get locked out of the studio so appologies to live listeners...Here is our second run down of top tunes so far this year however here is an official top 10 ...Visti & Mayland 'yes maam' (Trentmoller mix), Animal Collective 'My Girls', T & T 'Stevie', Mugwump 'Yajna', Leo Zero 'Bon Bon', The Rubber Room 'Taliban Disco', Casiokids 'Fot i Hose', Tropical Treats 'African Rythmes', Appaloosa 'the day we fell in love', The Revenge 'Nightflights'......now they are all dance singles I know ahem try these top 5 albums...Animal collective, Mulato Astatke & The Heliocentrics, Grizzly Bear, Wild Birds & Peacedrums, Bronnt Industries Kapital and the less well researched gigs list...Dirty Projectors/Polar Bear/Lucky Dragons @ ABC 2, Tenniscoats @ Mono, Tom Brosseau @ Captain's Rest, Ben Butler & Mousepad @ Twisted Wheel,Omar Souleyman @ Stereo, Bez @ Woodlands Creatures/Halt Bar...Ok that's it....One to watch Sirisimo !!
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