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afrobeat // highlife // africanfolk // desertblues // fusion

"New bridges must be built... because in the minds of too many of our people today... Africa is too far away." - Malcom X Fortnightly showcase of African experience and culture through music.

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   21:00 - 23:00
   Fri, 04/12/2020
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Sweet Harmonies
20/11/2020 // Sweet Harmonies

Inspired by an NTS show i loved during lockdown, tonight's episode is a collection of my favourite backing vocals and harmonies in reggae and its sub-genres. Enjoy the harmonies of Hortense and Alton Ellis, nice South London lovers' rock from the Investigators, reggae straying into soul with the Gaylettes and, of course, the Wailers with my favourite Bob Marley track "I'm Still Waiting." And a lot more in between.

Hope to nice up your evening!

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