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Out Past Curfew
bounce // bassmusic // ukg // hardhouse // uksounds

Floating mainly around 140. A show for live-giving bass, UK dance music and rave sounds. Wubs, Dubs, hard music, bass music all for fun. Let's go!

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   23:00 - 00:00
   Fri, 10/07/2020
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Swung - OPC002
06/03/2020 // Swung - OPC002

On tonight with good friend Adam King, fellow Flint DJ. With Extension (Glasgow) he's previously opened for Riz La Teef and is opening for Garage Wizard El-B next (11/3/20), along side EDO (subcity.org/shows/theshed). Not only that with JX3 (Norwich) he opened for Breaka with Spice Lounge in Oxford.

Gonna lay down an hour of garage shellers and more importantly have FUN lol.

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