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War Has Never Been So Much Fun
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   Mars, Bringer of War (Churchill Mix)
  Gustav Holst
   Main Title (The Outlaw Josey Wales)
  Jerry Fielding
  Silva Screen
   The Ecstasy of Gold
  Ennio Morricone
   There is Nothing Like a Dame
  Rogers and Hammerstein
   Main Title (Where Eagles Dare)
  Ron Goodwin
  Master Classics Records
   Chase to the Airfield
  Ron Goodwin
  Master Classics Records
   Main Title (Tora! Tora! Tora!)
  Jerry Goldsmith
  La La Land
   Main Title (The Great Escape)
  Elmer Bernstein
  Bill Conti
   King Henry the Fifth
  William Shatner
  Import Music Services
   Suicide is Painless
  Johnny Mandel // Mike Altman
   Das Boot (Single Version)
  Klaus Doldinger
   The Eagle Has Landed March
  Lalo Schifrin
  ADA Global
   Burning Bridges
  Lalo Schifrin // The Mike Curb Congregation
   The Eve of the War
  Jeff Wayne
   War Has Never Been So Much Fun
  Jon Hare
  White Label
   Hopeful Preparations, Vesuvius Camp
  Alex North
   Isandhlwana, 1979
  John Barry
   Battle of Little Round Top
  Randy Edelman
   We'll Meet Again (1940 Version)
  Vera Lynn
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