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Orderly Disorder
techno // electro // house // dance // club

Do ya wanna OD!?!? You look like you do! Orderly Disorder is a music show that does exactly as it says on the blurb. It's an amalgamation of eclectic music that not only makes your foot wanna tap but will shake you to your very foundation. The very best in everything that has ever made you dance, from DanceJunkie straight to your ears. This is not a 4x4 fascist radio show however, with everything diverse ranging from rock to rave, tribal to techno, funk to funkknowswhat! With regular guest appearances from some of Glasgow's biggest unsigned dj's, you can't afford not to listen in (but just in case you don't, a weekly mix will be going up online!)

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happy new set everyone!

allo allo allo guys,

Happy 2008 and all the best for 2012 (if the mad Myan bastards are right, you'll need it)

Anyhoos, just to let you all know, the past couple of shows Ive started to do an ableton 6 deck set, hence most of the time theres always atleast 2 songs playing. This makes it hard to keep an accurate track list caus it would be about 40 songs long (and theres bugger all chance im discoging 40 bloody tracks every show!) But anyway ill try stick up most of it for all you tune pikeys out there.

P.S. we're having a random disorder at the duck this friday the 15th just as a wee last minute party befroe our normal first sat of the month in Feb. Keep your eyes out for some free passes kicking about most bars in town. (if you get stuck steal one from the studio)

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