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One More Tune
everything // andnothing

My name is Matthew and I love music and chatting shite. I like sharing my favourites far and wide, but what I really love is sharing sounds and ideas with pals, and I'm too scared of flying to go very far anyway... One More Tune aims to leave you with that wide smile and happy inner glow, like when you open up a new record. If you have a digitally formatted song/album you'd like me to hear, please send it to [email protected] (and pretty please don't pass this out too far, I realise that the bots are onto me already. If you have a record/CD/tape you'd like me to hear, I can be found every Tuesday at Sub Club, Glasgow. I still hold the naive view that art can change the world for the better, so if you are a bigoted bawbag, perhaps just pretend to be nice and stick to emails. Music = Hope x

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Rave Comedown
03/10/2016 // Rave Comedown

Weird but fun set today!

Bossa Nova -> R&B -> House -> Disco -> Synth -> Techno -> Rock -> Rave -> Grime -> Dubstep -> Pop -> Trance -> A Cappella... then back to House xx

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