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Special Guest: Liam from the Hyperjax
One Louder
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   Madame Butterfly
  The Hyperjax
  Cherry Bomb/ Cherry Red
   Take it to the Grave
  The Hangmen
   Pink Hearse
  The Radium Cats
  Anagram/Cherry Red
   Kick the Bucket
  The Five Aces
   Say Man
  Bo Diddley
   Uncle Willie
  Zoot Money
   Don't You Rock Me, Daddy-O
  Lonnie Donegan
   Her Love Rubbed Off on Me
  Carl Perkins
   Gypsy Girl
  The Caravans
  Anagram/Cherry Red
   Freddie Depth Charge
  Luna Vegas
  Western Star
   Pow Pow
  The Mojo Kings
  Pink 'n' Black
   Mama, mama, mama
  Hayden Thompson
   Elevator Killer
  The Lie Detectors
   7 and 7 is
   Sick on You
  The Boys
  Captain Oi!
   Who's that Chick?
  The Termites
  Anagram/Cherry Red
   Mutant Rock
  The Meteors
  Anagram/Cherry Red
   Psyclops Carnival
  Mad Sin
  Anagram/Cherry Red
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