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Sunny Saturday
One Louder
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   Boom Boom
  The Animals
   Let Them Tell
  The Primitives
   Night Time
  The Strangeloves
   You Treated Me Bad
  The JuJus
  The Shadows of Knight
   The Last Time
  The Rolling Stones
  The Chasers
   You're Holding Me Down
  The Buzz
   California Sun '65
  The Rivieras
   Help Me Rhonda
  The Beach Boys
   I Want You To Come Into My Life
  Thee Headcoats
  Dog Meat
   Have Love, Will Travel
  The Nomads
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
   Waiting For You
  Andre Brasseur
   Bad Times
  The Clue
   Get Yourself Home
  The Fairies
   Don't Need Your Lovin'
  The Chocolate Watchband
  Big Beat
   She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies
  Him and the Others
   You're Telling Me Lies
  ? and the Mysterians
  Cameo Parkway
   Ca N'a Pas D'Importance
  Les Surfs
   Drunken Maria
  The Monks
   Dirty Robber
  The Wailers
   She Said Yeah
  Steve Davis
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