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The Morning After
One Louder
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   The Morning After
  Count Five
  The Huns
   Shake Some Action
  The Flamin' Groovies
   Shaking With Linda
  The Soul Survivors
   Shakin' All Over
  Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
  Tracy Pendarvis
   Draggin' Around
  The Saxons
   You And Me The Black Cloud, Honey
  Aces & Eights
   Supply & Demand
  The Hives
  Burning Heart
   MacDonald's Cave
  The Piltdown Men
   Homing Bird
  The Vipers Skiffle Group
  The Wailers
   Hey Little Girl
  The JuJus
   Oh How To Do Now
  The Monks
   Seven & Seven Is
   Bumble Bee '65
  The Motions
   Lucky Lucky Me
  Andy McCall and the Three Shades
   Move, Baby, Move
  Dick Penner
   Ooh, My Soul!
  Little Richard
   Like No Other Man
  The Sonics
   Do You Love Me
  The Contours
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