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The Innuendo Show
One Louder
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   Birds and the Bees
  Jewel Akens
   My Boy Lollipop
  Barbie Gaye
   Baby Let's Play House
   Great Balls of Fire
  Jerry Lee Lewis
   Sixty Minute Man
  Billy Ward and his Dominoes
  Time Life
   Brake Jake
  Mike Fern
  Buffalo Bop
   Let Your Daddy Ride
  The Gories
   Big Red Rocket of Love
  Reverend Horton Heat
   Good Vibrations
  The Beach Boys
   My Sharona
  The Knack
   Kinseys Book
  Charlie Aldrich
   Her Love Rubbed Off
  Carl Perkins
   Pushing Too Hard
  The Seeds
  Bam Caruso
   Why Why Why (Is it So Hard) ?
  Paul Revere and the Raiders
   Pushing Too Hard
  The Vibrators
  Danko Jones
  Bad Taste
  Trashcan Darlings
  East Side
   Bang Bang
  Janis Martin
   Fujiyama Mama
  Wanda Jackson
   Taking Care of Business
  Jimmy (Preacher) Ellis
   Try It
   Don't Hold it Against Me
  ? and the Mysterians
   Baby Let Me Take You Home
  The Animals
   Too Drunk To Dream
  The Magnetic Fields
   The Coldest Stuff in Town
  Homer Zeke Clemens
   I Want Candy
  The Strangeloves
   Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)
  Detroit Cobras
  Rough Trade
   No More Hot Dogs
  Hasil Adkins
  Dee-Jay Jamboree
   Wang Dang Doodle
  Howling Wolf
  Object Enterprises
   Big Bottom
  Spinal Tap
   Black Bottom
  The Troggs
  That's Pop
   Butcher Pete Part Two
  Roy Brown
   Butcher Shop Blues
  The Nove-ellites
   Caught With the Meat in Your Mouth
  Dead Boys
   You've Got Good Taste
  The Cramps
   Do The Clam
  Elvis Presley
   Please Give Me Something
  Bill Allen
  Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
   Tumble With Me
  Hollywood Brats
  Cherry Red
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