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The One Louder Hop pt. 1
One Louder
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   Land of 1000 Dances
  Cannibal and the Head Hunters
   Let's Dance
   Baby Let's Twist
  The Dictators
   Rock n' Roll Twist
  The Five Aces
   Cha cha Twist
  The Detroit Cobras
  Rough Trade
   Bomb the Twist
  Sympathy For The Record Industry
   The Screw
  The Crystals
   The Hump
  The Invictas
   The Uncle Willie
  Zoot Money
   Mashed Potato Time
  The Sonics
   Mashed Potato Time
  Dee Dee King
   The Mashed Potato Itch
  King Khan & His Shrines
  Vicious Circle
   (Do the ) Mashed Potato
  The Undertakers
  Big Beat
   Honey Bop
  Wanda Jackson
   Beetle Bug Bop
  The Collins Kids
   Do you Love Me
  The Sonics
   Dance all Over Your Face
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