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Feral Fun
One Louder
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   Call Me Animal
  The Gories
   I'm A Pig
  Angry Samoans
  Bad Trip
   I'm a Hog for You
  Screaming Lord Sutch
   Pig Pig
  King Khan
  The Sparkplugs
   Chicken Rock
  Fat Daddy Holmes
   Calling All Cows
  The Blues Rockers
   Milk Cow Blues
  Elvis Presley
   Can Your Hossie Do the Dog
  Del Raney's Umbrellas
   Spookey Cat
   Mojo Kitten
   Leave My Kitten Alone
  Detroit Cobras
  Rough Trade
   Ten Cats Down
  Robert Gordon
   Cat Man
  Gene Vincent
   Hound Dog
  Diane Lawrence
   Walking the Dog
  The Sonics
  Big Beat
   Givin' the Dog a Bone
   The Wolf
  Honkytonk Trouble
   I Am the Wolf Man
  Round Robin
   Howlin' For My Darling
  Howlin' Wolf
   Leopard Man A + C & A
  The Dirtbombs
  In the Red
   Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)
  Rufus Thomas Jnr.
   I'm a Tiger
  Lu Lu
   The Monkey Shine
  John E. Sharpe and the Squires
  Springbok Beat
   Too Much Monkey Business
  Chuck Berry
   Dance Like A Monkey
  New York Dolls
  Bert Convy
   You Look Like A Gorilla
  The Mopes
   The Worm Song
  The Boys
  Captain Oi!
   Spiders In The Dressing Room
  Toy Dolls
   Love Bug Crawl
  Jimmy Edwards
   Beetle-Bug Bop
  Collins Kids
  Bear Family
   King Bee
  The Imperial Pompadours
   Like A Parasite
  Screeching Weasel
   Pretty Flamingo
  The Zombies
   Bird 65
  The Trashmen
   Cold Night For Alligators
  Roky Erickson
   Love Me Like A Reptile
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