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Oceania 2001
techno // house // balearic // electronic // aquatic

No matter how much you pray at your shrine of Ian Thorpe, Sydney_Olympics_2000 will never happen again. No matter how much you pray at your snow globe shrine of Ibiza, the pristine sound and beaches of Ibiza before EasyJet are a thing of the past. But you can relive that aqua marina with an evening swim in the Southern Ocean with Oceania 2001. Expect millenium optimism, aquatic house, techno, balearic and disco, and a splash of longing for ye olde, bathed in a glimmer of Melbourne sunset.

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Tide Goes Out, Sun Goes Down
13/12/2016 // Tide Goes Out, Sun Goes Down

As the tide goes out and the sun goes down over the Southern Ocean, we mourn the fact that this is the last Oceania 2001 show. You can either cry an ocean of tears, or alternatively, have a wee boogie.

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