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No-one at No.1
comedy // indie // tweepop

It truly is time that Alan/The Monolith took responsibility for his actions. Yes, he has been a leading member of the revolutionary Solar Island radio show and even gave you sunday night lullabyes with This Is Vanity. Now he needs to kill the charts, are you disgusted by fake fights to no.1? Remember when music meant something more than being used as a weapon, when it was loved, cherished and who you loved was more important than who you hated? Then I need you to help; you may help change the musical landscape of Britain and maybe, the world

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Not alan but hey it's ok
20/02/2011 // Hey, it's ok

Joshua Radin? Sandi Thom? Michael Buble?

What's happened to this show?

Well, though not my musical choices, I do respect that my wonderful producer enjoys this music as does her co-presenter Olivia. If they didn't they wouldnt play it. Thats the only rule on my show and should be on anyone elses'.

Please follow the link to listen to Kathryn & Olivia's first ever radio show & be proud that you got to hear it.

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