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No Means Yes
chat // hiphop // electro // eclectic // dub

Eleanor and Thalia are back for a second year on Subcity and after an experimental first year, we're honing our technical skills and playing all forms of hip hop, with the occasional genre busting tune to liven things up. With far too much information on the trials and tribulations of our lives and a good measure of food based chat thrown in, along with a lot of gossip, you'll never read Perez Hilton ever again. just kidding, we're not that good.

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The Final Farewell
11/05/2012 // The Final Farewell

In this, the last episode of No Means Yes, Eleanor and Thalia bow out with a flm soundtrack playlist. Featuring everything from Tarantino, foreign films, indie classics and Disney, this episode is a real self indulgent hour of chat and tunes as we say farewell to our baby - No Means Yes.

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