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   Emotion Electric
  A Guy Called Gerald // Paulette Blake
  Strange Fruit
   9 to 5
  lady sovereign
  Company B
  The Summer
   In the Cold, Cold Night
  The White Stripes
   Out Of Reach
  Go Beat
  Dusty Springfield
   I Want Plenty of Grease in my Frying Pan
  Margaret Carter
   You Can't Have Your Cake and Eat it Too
  Brenda Taylor
  West End
   I Got My Education (A Bitch Got Nowhere To Live)
  Uncanny Alliance
   Party Girl
  White Label
  Dolly Parton
   I Don't Know What I'd Do (If You Ever Left Me)
  Sweet Cream
  Stacie Orrico
   Like This
  Kelly Rowland // Eve
   Love Me Forever (Dam Dam Dam)
  Azealia Banks
   I Need Your Lovin'
  Teena Marie
   Wrap Me Up (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)
  Alex Party
   Let Me Think About It
  Fedde Le Grand // Ida Corr
   Don't Take It
  Armando // Sharvette
  Let's Pet Puppies
   Just The Way You Are
  Mason // Princess Superstar
   Talk To Me
  Coloursound // Siobhan
   Remind Me
  Patrice Rushen
   You're Taking Up Another Man's Place
  Mable John
   Something Kinda Ooooh
  Girls Aloud
  Muck 'n' Brass
   For The Same Man (Nasty Version)
  B Beat Girls
  25 West
   1 Thing
   Love's Hold (Lenny B Club Mix)
  Robbins Entertainment
   Don't You Want My Love
  Debbie Jacobs
   Stay Monkey
  Julie Ruin
  Kill Rock Stars
   Take On Higher (Club Mix)
  Jennifer Lucas
   It's Too Late (Club Mix)
  Kelli Sae
  Easy Street
   Push The Button
   Don't You Wanna Be Mine (Dennis Christopher Remix)
  Denise Lopez
  House Trained
   The Men All Pause
   If I Had The Chance
   Make U Touch My
  DJ Yolo Bear
   Praise You
  Fawn Hill
   Where R U Now?
  Princess Loko
  Hy Life Inc.
   I Want Your Boyfriend
  DJ Jayhood
  Not On Label
   You Belong To Me (JX / Red Jerry Remix)
   Getting Ready
  DJ Tonka
  Force Inc. US
   What's The Use?
  Greco Roman
   Music Sounds Better On Saturday (Vocal Mix)
  Stardust // Cherelle
  White Label
   My Neck My Back X Work From Home
  Khia // Fifth Harmony
  Not On Label
Accidental Nina Sky
   In The Morning
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