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Every Sunday, the News Team provide opinion and analysis on the issues of the week. Feature stories from Glasgow and the world over are covered by the News Empire team, who discuss the news and events, bringing an in-depth analysis to news that is rarely seen. Expect to hear about the most interesting events, people and news on News Empire! Tune in to hear a rounding-up of the day's International, National and Local headlines as well as features produced and discussed by the News Empire team.

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The Changing Face of Media
21/02/2010 // The Changing Face of Media

With the launch of Scotland's first all-digital news magazine, questions about the vitality of traditional - that's ink on paper - print media arise. How widely read is it? How are changes in technology affecting it? Is the transition to digital media inevitable, and will that affect the way news is reported? As awed as we all are by the advance of the all-encompasing digital world, there's nothing like reading an actual newspaper.


Read by Kirsty Malcolm and Rose Henderson. Written by James Humphries, Kitty Dan and Rose Henderson.

The Changing Face of Media It's 2010. iPhone is a household brand, the internet is everywhere and devices like the Kindle, smartphones and the soon-to-be everywhere iPad have had a massive effect on the way news is viewed and produced. Scotland's first all-online paper, The Student Punch just recently launched, posing some interesting questions. Why digital only? How do these changes affect the news cycle? Do papers on paper still have a place? Tom Bonnick of the Glasgow University Guardian and Rhona Campbell of the BBC weigh in.

Reporting by Louise Pollock, Fiona Day, James Humphries and Benzo Harris.

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