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New Routes
folk // experimental // world // traditional // fieldrecording

Tune in to New Routes to hear sound waves from before and after the electrification of music, that have rattled and hummed from instruments long ago put down, through the fresh air of lands distant and close, out of vintage field recorders and phonographs before arriving here, in a space where the idea of authenticity still holds water (but how much?) and tradition is not the enemy of experiment. This is a place where the past is not forgotten, and the future never ignored; the only rule is that the music comes from the people (any people) and that it remembers the people who came before.

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The Parting Glass
17/07/2018 // The Parting Glass

New Routes comes to the end of one particular trail, and says farewell for the time being. With music from the Smithsonian collection, Richard Dawson (again) and the late great Martyn Bennett.

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