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New Life
hiphop // house // postpunk // electronic // electronica

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Electroclash Commando Vol 1
21/10/2012 // New Life 007 : Electroclash Commando Vol 1

In my mind there was two parts to the electroclash scene, one more influenced by the italio disco sound of the 80s and the other by the Electro/Breakdance/Hip Hop sounds of New York and early Detroit Techno. (Of course all influenced by Kraftwerk in some way)

The scene only lasted a couple of years but its still one of my favourites times, there was a real fun element to the music thats sadly lacking a bit these days.

This mix focusses more on the 'electro' side. It includes some songs that aren't strictly "electroclash" but still fit and some classics from the 80s that helped inspire the movement.

**The title of the episode is a tribute to a mix album by Anthony Rother called Electro Commando**


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