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me want what you want
never been in a riot
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   Mechanical Man
  Superior Viaduct
   Out Of Order
  The Skinnies
  Last Laugh
   Al's Radiator
  Wazmo Nariz
In which I mistakenly think that I haven't played the first three tracks
   Flying Saucer Safari
  Suburban Lawns
   Favorite Sweater
  Y Pants
   Flying Saucer Safari
  Suburban Lawns
  World Imitation
   How To Keep Your Husband Happy
  The Cosmopolitans
   It Costs To Be Austere
  crash course in science
  Vinyl On Demand
   Early Warning
  Standing Waves
   Shift The Blame
  Model Citizens
   I'm Mechanical
  The Subjects
  Civil Antidote
   Beatniks Looking For Tourists
  Chemicals Made From Dirt
  Voice Farm
   Alien Day
  Radio Free Europe
  Our Daughters Wedding
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