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desperation a.m: a valentine's day special
never been in a riot
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  Gang Of Four
   What Do I Get?
  United Artists
   Crush On You
  What's Your Rupture?
   Madly In Love With 25 People
  The Bedflowers
  Bop Cassettes
   I Don't Want You Anyway
  Look Blue Go Purple
  Flying Nun
  Orange Juice
   I Let Him Get To Me
  Beat Happening
   Driving Me
  The Particles
  Certain Music
   Love Und Romance
  The Slits
   Political Love
  Poison Girls
  Small Wonder
   Love Song
  Au Pairs
   Berketex Bribe
   Breaking The Rules
  Sordide Sentimental
   I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher
  Not Sensibles
   Boy Meets Girl So What?
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